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Arbit - The Ultimate Polling App

Arbit is a unique polling app that connects brands with thousands of users in real-time

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Manage inventory for certain products.

Increase sales through direct purchase links we send to the users after they vote.

Gain exposure for your brand and products across thousands of avid users.

The biggest names in sports and pop culture use Arbit

Brands using Arbit

“Arbit is so powerful because I get to see how people react to my products, especially before putting them on the market. It helps us to gain exposure for our shoes and to manage inventory which is critical in the apparel industry.”


“What we get with Arbit is real-time feedback that we struggled to get from other polling platforms. We love that we can seamlessly poll users and instantly see trends based on the results.”

– Founder, Q4 Sports

“With Arbit, we get to poll our products, receive instant data around the results, and increase traffic to our site to help spur sales. And it is very cost effective. This is the exact service we’ve been looking for.”

– CEO, Hoop Culture

“We couldn’t be more pleased with what Arbit provides our business. With this polling platform we’re reaching an audience in an engaging, less intrusive way. It’s so simple and so effective for understanding how potential customers feel about our products.”

– Founder, Active Faith Sports

Notable investors

Steve Blake

NBA Player

Anthony Tolliver

NBA Player

Caron Butler

NBA Player

Ty Lawson

NBA Player

Arbit in action

To find out which basketball was more popular, Hoop Culture created a side-by-side picture poll on the Arbit app.

Soon, data started rolling in and one product emerged as the clear winner. Arbit broke down the data by demographics.

Hoop Culture was also able to identify national trends which worked out great for their marketing and distribution teams.

Arbit’s making waves

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