The Arbit Story

After years spent as certified public accountants, Arbit was created by two individuals who were searching for a way to give people a voice on social media. What intrigued these two about polling was that there were so many topics that easily could spark debate and everyone always had an opinion on something. But most polling platforms tended to be monotonous, boring, and failed to genuinely engage their respondents. So these two founders created Arbit, a platform that not only engages users around thousands of topics through its seamless polling platform, but also revolutionizes the way in which brands can tap into real-time consumer insights that they cannot easily get elsewhere.

So go ahead, craft your polls, invite your friends, and your customers. Remember, if there’s any question you want to settle, it’s Arbit, so Just Ask!

Arbit Team

Alex Bullington
Co-Founder, CEO

Julian Reyes
Senior Full Stack Developer


Greg DiNardo
Co-Founder, COO

Ana Dawson
Project Manager

Agus Guerra
Software Engineer – iOS

Deron Guidrey

Matias Radzinski
Senior Android Developer